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    Keep cool and look confident with the Japan Dentou Tight End Pants, it goes with any top. It's a pair of casual pants with a relaxed fit. It comes in Black, Sky blue, Blue-grey, Grey, and Dark grey colors.

    NOTE: Japan sizes are 2x smaller than US sizes. Please refer to the Size Chart above for comparison.



    Due to restricted flights, social distance regulations, and rising parcel quantities, we're facing severe local and international delivery delays. It's possible that delivery times might be longer than the normal time frames mentioned below 

    We've expanded our customer care team and would be delighted to address any queries - please email us at if you have any.


    If you are not satisfied with the items you receive, we can simply arrange for an exchange or refund within 90 days of receiving your items, please refer to the return policy for details.


    USA - 6-12 business days

    Canada - 7-14 business days

    Europe - 7-14 business days

    Australia / New Zealand – 10-20 business days

    Other countries - 10-25 business days


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